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The Tale of
the Seed
A fairytale telling of sincerity, and of one who treasures it.

The governance is not difficult for our king at all, because he loves it as he loves his people. However, slowly aged he needs a follower. And there it becomes difficult: As a matter of fact he has no children!
So the king exclaims a competition to determine his successor. Every participant gets a seminal grain and must point what he can produce from it.
We´ll see ...

For families and children of 3 years +


    photographs:     Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

The Team:


Kristiane Balsevicius


Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke, Michaela Bartoňová

acting, music:

Ralf Lücke


Theater Rafael Zwischenraum, Berlin