Trousers, Hares and Naughty Mice, ... another Story with Doggie and Kitty, Theater Rafael Zwischenraum

Trousers, Hares and Naughty Mice
            ... another Story with Doggie and Kitty


Puppet theatre inspired by Josef Čapek for families and children from 3 years+





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Doggie and Kitty dress up really fine and want to do a sunday-walk - just like the grownup-people. But this venture gets mixed up!
What to do with a naughty hare, which loughs about Doggie and Kitty, only because they are dressed nicely? And how you sew torn trousers right in the middle of the wood? These and more problems Doggie and Kitty solve in their own original way and in the end they even put a stop to a plague of mice!
... another play with tabletop puppets   -   for whole family and children from 3 years+.




Play, music:

Ralf Lücke




Deviced by:

Kristiane Balsevicius



Michaela Bartoňová, Antonin Müller



Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke